Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's just not as fun to blog without pictures. But, here it goes...

I'm officially done and graduated with school. Yippee!

We got a juicer recently and have been devouring the fresh juice. Chris can bring home whatever produce he wants, and we take full advantage. Favorite juice right now: carott, apple, ginger. Yum.

We went to Boise a couple weekends ago to visit Chris' cousin, his wife, their son, and Chris' mom flew over from Spokane. It was a super quick trip, but well worth it. Chris' cousin, Rick and wife Tiff are awesome people. So generous, and welcoming. They have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 chickens and the cuttest son, Early Atom Walker. My, oh my...what a lovely life they have! We played wii, ate good food including lasagna pizza, and played Taboo. So relaxing and fun.

Last weekend we went camping up on the Clackamas river. Eli, Taylor, Jonah, Chris and myself had tons - o - fun. I have mosquito bites to prove! We also played taboo, in which Eli and I lost terribly. We skipped rocks, had a massive fire and ate chili dogs. Also, relaxing and fun.

On the down side of things, I recently discovered that I had SHINGLES. Can you believe it? I didn't. You get them only if you've had chicken pox, and unlike the pox, they stay in generally one spot and don't spread. Mine were on the right lower back. The weirdest part was that my skin hurt for 4 days before anything showed up. I mean HURT. The slightest bit of clothing or touch felt like scraping a massive sunburn. I think people thought I was crazy....then the rash came... then I went to my doc. and she confirmed. Apparently they are caused by emotional and/or physical stress. I'm not sure why I got them, but they are almost gone now and I am glad to say that I will probably never get them again. Let's hope you guys don't!

Chris is getting ready to go on another tour this summer. This time it's southern bound. I'm excited for them! Chris loves touring, and I plan on eating better, and exercising more. It's just easier when boys aren't around! He can talk me into pizza any night...

This weekend I am excited to spend some time with my Pops, mom, sis and AJ. Don't forget your fathers!