Thursday, December 11, 2008


I officially finished my last term at PSU on Tuesday night, and I'm done! After my final I went to my work and my nice regulars, Curtis and Wayne, bought me a celebratory drink. They were so excited! It was nice to celebrate right after my final. But now, it feels very strange to not get up early and head to campus on a Thursday morning. I'm going to need to find a new hobby, because I only work 4 nights a week right now, and I think I'm going to go nuts... Any ideas? I will play more guitar, cook more meals, clean the little apartment more, and do more laundry. Those are the things that have been avoided while I was in school.

Also, as I was checking out everyone's blogs and waching The View, I spilled tea ALL down my sweatshirt. Nice.

Hmmm.... maybe we should have a baby!

(AJ was upset... but still trying to smile. Ha!)
Our babe for now :)
Just kidding! ( But seriously, I'm a little baby crazy. Hormones? My age? AJ? )


Unknown said...

Tattoo pics?! And of course, congratualtions! :-)

Unknown said...

WTF......You want to have a baby!!! You crazy cat.

Congratulations on finishing strong....take up sewing? I don't know...I need some new hobbies too.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding Ruby!!!